Ice Cream


Graeter's Ice Cream Photo: Wendy Pramik, for USA Today

Cincinnati has a serious ice cream scene. Three major ice cream families rule the streets and dot each neighborhood with parlors, counters, and shops. And if you're lucky enough to visit during the summer, we'll treat you to dozens of seasonal creamy whips.


For many locals, Graeter's is the only ice cream they'll ever need. This classic brand is a Cincinnati staple, and has been produced here by the Graeter family since 1870. Known for its French Pot process, Graeter's still makes its impossibly rich ice cream just two-and-a-half gallons at a time. There's a shop in just about every neighborhood in town—check out the flagship shop on Hyde Park Square, opened in 1922—or you can pick up a pint at most any grocery store.


Founded by the Lindner family in 1940, UDF was Cincinnati's original fast-casual ice cream counter. Filling your gas tank and also need an ice cream sundae? UDF has you covered. And with a store at practically every major intersection in the city, you're never far from a chocolate malt.

Aglamesis Brothers

It doesn't get much sweeter than this 1913 ice cream parlor, complete with original stained glass lamps, tile floors, and carved ceilings. Settle in for a seasonal scoop (we'll take spumoni any day it's on offer) or a real-deal banana split.

Aglamesis Brothers Photo: Wendy Pramik, for USA Today