In 2015, when Eric Avner started People’s Liberty, a philanthropic foundation based in Cincinnati, he wanted to answer the question, “Can we make our community better by investing in its people?”

Today, halfway through the organization’s five-year mission and with 50 Cincinnatians and their innovative ideas funded to date, all signs are pointing to: yes.

People’s Liberty has two rounds of applications a year and provides:

•$15,000 Globe Grants awarded to six teams or individuals to provide support and funding to transform and create a five week interactive experience in neighborhood storefront in either Findlay Market or Camp Washington

•$100,000 Haile Fellowships awarded to two individuals, allowing them to take a “civic sabbatical” and go all out to bring their idea to life.

Overall, the philanthropic foundation's goal is to fund creative projects that make a difference and lead to social engagement or change.

Learn more about People’s Liberty and hear the stories a few past grantees in the Forbes article, "This Cincinnati Foundation Offers Residents $100,000 To Quit Their Jobs And Make A Difference".