Entrepreneurship expert and writer Jeff Barrett has researched dozens of cities, looking for the most effective model for startup success. He found it in Cincinnati.

Over-the-Rhine Photo: Phil Armstrong

The secret to our success, according to Barrett, is in the composition of our startup ecosystem: "In Cincinnati, a very intentional collaboration between big companies and startups has been taking place for a decade," he writes in his February 2019 Inc. piece "This is Why Your Startup Should Partner with Big Companies to Ensure Success."

These partnerships represent a deliberate strategy within large Cincinnati-based companies to align their goals and efforts with smaller startups. To wit: Barrett highlights executives-in-residence from Kroger and P&G who are embedded with local startup community Cintrifuse to field and develop new ideas.

The benefits for the region are twofold: The startups get transformative guidance and connections from major national businesses, and those companies in turn get a pipeline of fresh, innovative ideas.

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