If you think that walking into Off The Vine, you'll find a gathering place of only health nuts and hipsters. Think again.

Cydney Rabe has been a part of Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine (OTR) neighborhood for years. Rabe says the beauty of being in Over-the-Rhine is the diversity.

In 2012, she first opened up CORE Movement Studio, a boutique Pilates and fitness studio located on the emerging Vine Street corridor in the heart of OTR.

In 2014, her cold-pressed juice bar, Off the Vine opened its doors.

It’s safe to say that she has a passion for health, wellness and OTR.

“Everyone [in the neighborhood] is there to support each other and really propel the community forward,” she says. “You walk around, you get to know the other business owners, you bounce ideas off of each other. And there are so many ways to get involved, from the City Flea to doing juice pop ups, to Pilates in the Park every Wednesday.”

Rabe’s juice story started when her days became jam-packed with teaching classes and she needed to grab a quick bite to eat and found that the neighborhood was missing something: healthy food options.

Juicing had been a personal passion of Rabe’s, often creating high quality vegetable juices in her own kitchen. As she got to know the community, Rabe felt she had another valuable service to offer, and OTR seemed to be the perfect place for Cincinnati’s first cold-pressed juice bar.

Ingredients: Nothin’ But The Good Stuff

At first, Off The Vine’s menu leaned more toward fruit-forward, sweet juices, as opposed to vegetable-heavy recipes. However, as Rabe and the Off The Vine team built relationships with their customers, they began to educate them on the yummy truth about vegetable juicing.

Rabe says, “We often get the question of, ‘That’s it?’ because there is an assumption that there is a bunch of other stuff added” (like artificial flavors, preservatives, powders, added sugar, and other sneaky additives). But Off The Vine uses only whole, organic, good-for-you ingredients. Their juice and smoothie blends aid in digestion and detoxification, boost your metabolism and immune system, help regulate blood sugar, provide you with sustained energy, and more.

Rabe says the response she’s received from the community to Off The Vine (OTV) has been amazing. She and her team first began by educating customers on what exactly cold-pressed juice is, what the benefits are, and why you would do well to incorporate it into your daily routine.

Not That Into Juicing?

That’s okay! Rabe says one of the main goals of the company is to be available and approachable for everybody, whether you eat salads every day or haven’t eaten a vegetable all year. There are no dumb questions at Off The Vine, where the team’s goal is to educate and prove to customers that healthy eating can be simple and taste good!

“We really want to make it approachable, even with the names of our juices. We don’t want to make people feel like they don’t fit in this category.” says Rabe. When a lot of trendy juice bars add extra ingredients that can be intimidating or difficult to understand, “we don’t want people to be scared away.”

If you’ve never juiced before or aren’t familiar with what’s available, you can order a juice flight to sample different combinations and get a feel for what you like and don’t like. “It’s been fun to watch people enjoy that!” Rabe says.

The Beauty Of Community

Walking into Off The Vine, you might expect it to be a gathering place of only health nuts and hipsters. But Rabe says part of the beauty of being in OTR is the diversity. She says the typical Off The Vine customer doesn’t really fit into a primary demographic and their visitors and regular customers consist of everyone young and old, from fitness enthusiasts to fast food fanatics. Rabe says the diversity of her customers has been the most rewarding is the most personally rewarding outcome of opening her storefront in in OTR.

Off The Vine has expanded to open two new locations in Downtown Cincinnati and Mason, with plans to continue growing. CORE is moving to a new spot in Over The Rhine and is rebranding as 12th Street Pilates. You can follow along with OTV on Instagram and Facebook.

Writer Bio: Abigail Davidson is a writer and entrepreneur who loves Cincinnati. You can visit her at abigailrdavidson.com or say hi on Instagram at @abigailRdavidson