Buzzfeed journalist Samra Seifu stopped by for a July visit of Cincinnati and concluded that it’s “low-key America’s coolest city.”

Photo by David Sorcher

A midwestern native herself, Seifu lets readers know right off the bat that once she visited Cincinnati she wished she had made the trip sooner. She filled her three-day agenda by visiting six very different local neighborhoods, kicking things off with Northside. The cuisine for her trip ranged from Rooted Juicery and Kitchen, a local vegan favorite, to Senate, which serves up gourmet hot dogs loaded with unique toppings such as fried eggs and potato chips. Her few days were also filled with unique entertainment such as the apothecary soul garden at Krohn Conservatory in Mount Adams and the Lucky Cat Museum in Walnut Hills. Seifu’s trip left her with a true taste of the region’s hospitality, and sure that “Cincinnati has so much to offer,” and is “evolving with each passing day.” Click here to read the full article.